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REGAL Series ECS Electronic Cylinder Scales  are very important and recommended accessories  that should be part of all REGAL Gas Feed System  installations. REGAL Series ECS Scales are valuable  diagnostic tools providing the user with instantaneous  and accurate readings of Gross and Net cylinder  weights on bright LCD displays.
The REGAL Model ECS401 is a Single cylinder scale  while the Model ECS402 is a Dual cylinder scale.  Cylinder restraining bars and chains are provided to  keep cylinders in an upright position. Scale base(s)  are solid PVC with a height of 1.5" above floor level  for ease of cylinder loading and unloading.
Annunciator LEDs indicate event and programming  conditions. Optional Low Weight Alarm Relays  are available and are fully adjustable from the keypad. 4-20 milliamp analog outputs are  available for remote indication or data logging.
REGAL Series ECS Single and Dual Electronic  Cylinder Scales offer an improved design consisting  of solid PVC platforms that can easily accommodate Chlorine 150 lb. gas cylinders.  With the cylinders removed, the PVC platform(s) can be easily tilted up to facilitate cleaning beneath the  platform(s) when necessary.
Both Single and Dual REGAL Model ECS Scale  Monitor(s) include state-of-the-art electronics in environment friendly NEMA 4X enclosures. Easy to read LCD displays present Gross or Net cylinder  weights at the push of a keypad button while bright,  easy to see, different color LEDs indicate programming  and event conditions.
REGAL Series ECS Scales are fully calibrated when  shipped from the factory. A quick and easy installation  of the scale components plus simple wiring by a  licensed electrician and step-by-step instructions  make short work of installation and start-up.

About Regal

Used world-wide for municipal water treatment and wastewater treatment, REGAL products have a wide range of industrial, commercial and agricultural applications, and allow the use of chlorine gas, which is the most economical method of disinfection, without sacrificing safety or reliability.

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