Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Feed System

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The CO2 pH control system regulates the injection of Carbon Dioxide, a natural non-corrosive gas to replace hazardous liquid acid in chemical treatment of swimming pools, spas and water features. When dissolved in water, CO2 forms carbonic acid (H2CO3), a relatively mild acid which lowers the pH of the water while increasing total alkalinity.

Simple to install and operate, the CO2 pH control system is a safe, cost effective way to maintain precise pH balance while eliminating the hazards associated with storing and dispensing liquid acid.


Regulator Material Machined Brass
Inlet Pressure 0 - 1500 PSIG
Outlet Pressure Preset 80 PSIG
Flow Control Adjustable Output 0 - 38 SCFH
Actuation Piston and PTFE Seat
Safety Internal Safety
Relief Vent
Valve Material Stainless Steel Body
Power 120 VAC, 1 Amp
Power Cord 6' SJTW Grounded
Package Contents Integrated Regulator / Adjustable Flow Control
  Factory Installed
Stainless Solenoid Valve
Factory Installed
Power Cord
  30' Installation Tubing
  1/4" NPT Injector Check Valve
Category Chemical Feed Systems
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