Chemtrol PC3000 Pool Controller

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The CHEMTROL® PC3000 Controller is a programmable control system that offers complete chemical automation (ORP, PPM, and pH) plus control of conductivity or TDS, water balance with Langelier Index, temperature and heater control.


OPTION TDS3: TDS/Conductivity control with
sensor for dump valve or salt chlorine generator.

OPTION FLOW3: Flow monitoring & totalizer with electronic
sensor and adjustable alarms.

OPTION LEVEL3: Water level control with electronic sensor
and fill valve control.

OPTION PRESS3: Influent and effluent pressure monitoring
with sensors and adjustable alarms.

OPTION REM3: Full duplex remote computer operation with data

OPTION TEL3: Telephone voice communications with status reports,
alarm callouts and remote operation control.

OPTION ETHCOM3: Full duplex remote computer operation with
ethernet / internet modem.

OPTION RS485: Full duplex direct computer operation with
data converter.

OPTION MULTI3: Multiplex communication for remote/direct
operation through host controller.

OPTION 420M: 4-20mA signal (5-channels) for monitoring display

OPTION MODBUS3: Modbus-protocol communication for Building
Management Systems.


Installation of the CHEMTROL®PC3000 controller is quite simple, as shown on the schematics below.  To facilitate specification and field-installation, the following schematic drawings are offered in several formats: to be printed directly on a printer (acrobat reader pdf), or to be inserted directly into CAD drawings (AutoCAD format).

NOTE: With all models, the optional bypass line assemblies (Options BPL, FCA or SCA) are highly recommended to assure proper water sampling and sensor performance, as shown on the schematic below. The CHEMTROL® PC3000 controller includes the bypass line assembly (Option BPL).

Schematic of Installation /p>

Schematics Downloads

Links to the drawings are listed below to support architects and engineers for preparation of their Requests for Bids.  Several formats are offered so that they can be easily viewed/printed directly on a printer (Acrobat Reader format) or inserted directly into CAD drawings (AutoCad format).


Santa Barbara Control Systems, a California company, manufactures the CHEMTROL® line of microprocessor-based controllers for automated water treatment in swimming pools, spas, cooling towers and other industrial applications.

CHEMTROL® controllers have been leading in technological innovation since 1976 - with over 50,000 installations in the U.S. and worldwide.

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